Shuswap Homewatch & Property Management

                             SHUSWAP HOMEWATCH & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 

HomeWatch Services for Snowbirds, Vacationers, Cabin & Absentee Owners

We take care of your home or cabin when you are on vacation or away for an extended period.  

We increase the security of your property and reduce your worry by inspecting your home or recreational property on a regular basis and emailing you comprehensive reports.  

Should an unexpected event occur Shuswap HomeWatch & Property Management will professionally manage it on your behalf and according to your directions.

Homeowner insurance policies usually require an insured home to be regularly inspected when left unoccupied for more than a few days. Whether you are on vacation, or away for an extended period, “peace of mind” comes with knowing your home has been inspected for break-ins, plumbing leaks, storm damage and other unanticipated events, as well as from satisfying the conditions of your home insurance policy.

With Shuswap HomeWatch & Property Management  you can be confident your home is secure and professionally cared for.

Services for Estate Executors, Financial Institutions and Real Estate Agents

Whether you are an Estate Executor, Officer for a Financial Institution or Realtor charged with the sale of a property, regularly scheduled inspections are a requirement of property insurance policies. Just as importantly, they also ensure any emergency or home maintenance issues are attended to in a timely manner before becoming costly to rectify.

When a family, bank owned or foreclosed property is left vacant or unoccupied for extended periods it becomes increasingly vulnerable to break-ins, vandalism, and damage from unmonitored plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems. Shuswap Home Watch & Property Management can monitor and help maintain a home's security, integrity and valuation with scheduled inspections.

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