Steve Saba Trio at Lorenzo's Cafe

Sat, 07/06/2019

JULY 6th, SAT ~ STEVE SABA TRIO ~ From Country Swing to Smooth Blues & everthing in between!
Three well known & very talented musicians playing a Rainbow of Styles!

Steve was drawn to music at the early age of five, plunking on the piano and picking out tunes and chords on his own. From that point on, his life path seems to have been established experimenting with whatever instruments came along. Since the age of twenty five he has been a professional musician, with now a long list of duos and bands in which he was involved, plus many years of solo performances as well. Of most significance was the some 30 years in the “Westside Cowboys” duo, which presented a wide range of Folk, Country, and Bluegrass Music, plus a lovely smattering of Cowboy Music resurrected from such bands as the “Sons Of The Pioneers” from the 1930s and 1940s. Steve is an accomplished singer, yodeler, entertainer, and instrumentalist on guitar, piano, fiddle, and mandolin.

Through the decades Steve also has managed to add many theatre productions to his credit; from playing in the band, to acting and playing the romantic lead in a “Cowboy Musical” in Kamloops for two seasons of the six month run.
The "Steve Saba Trio" consists of Steve Saba on vocals, piano, guitar, hot gypsy fiddle. The always exciting Jacob Verburg on lead asoustic guitar, and Darrin Herting on Bass and acoustic guitar, harmonies. Now here with Jacob Verburg’s incredible guitar work, and Darrin's solid bass playing bass, they will present a whole range of songs and intrumentals, old standards, gypsy jazz,
cowboy songs, folk and bluegrass, and some jazzy fiddle playing.
$10 cover