MNGWA at Lorenzo's Cafe

Thu, 08/15/2019

We need a party band for the strange new world. Rooted in the Afro-Latin soul of cumbia, MNGWA [pronounced ming-wah] blends elements of psych rock, surf, salsa, reggae, and hip hop into their polyrhythmic pot // Forever shifting but never dropping the groove.

With 8 full-time members from Mexico, Canada, Europe and Asia, the Vancouver ensemble draws inspiration from across the globe and invite all to join in the sonic frenzy.

"Like a cultural rainbow, the music of MNGWA runs the spectrum of ethnic genres: latin, gypsy, balkan, dub, russian, carribean, mexican. You can add to that some contemporary indie folk, psych rock and a hint of a country twang. It’s a rich, intoxicating brew. An absolute delight. MNGWA calls it Vancumbia, and who knows it may be the sound of the future. I, for one, hope so."
- Mark Anthony Brennan, Ride the Tempo Music Blog

"The sound they’re creating is as eclectic as their backgrounds"
- Ruby Woodruff, Beatroute Magazine

"Mngwa are stringing together a number of cultural touchstones"
- Exclaim! Magazine
$15 cover

Lorenzo's Cafe
901 Enderby Mabel Lake Rd Enderby

(250) 838-6700