Devon More's "Berlin Waltz" at Shuswap Theatre

Sat, 03/16/2019

Devon More's "Berlin Waltz" at Shuswap Theatre (41 Hudson Ave, Salmon Arm)

The Shuswap Theatre Society is proud to present a One Night Only performance of Devon More’s “Berlin Waltz”.

A young woman on her bicycle retraces the route of the Berlin Wall, reliving the History of its Rise and Fall.  She confronts the subsequent Impact of the victorious West on Berlin’s rapidly changing, living & breathing cityscape.  Piece-by-piece, Devon More assembles her Wall of Sound onstage.  More uses an electronic loop pedal to live-mix her strange arrangement of musical instruments – including flute, electric guitar, and glockenspiel.  “Berlin Waltz” was crowd favourite at the 2016 Theatre on the Edge Festival, be sure to get your tickets early!

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