Cathy Ann-Wells with the Soul Sistah at Lorenzo's Cafe

Fri, 07/26/2019 to Sat, 07/27/2019

JULY 26 & 27, FRI & SAT ~ CATHY ANN-WELLS ~ (PHAT BETTY) with The SOUL SISTAH - DELUX EDITION~ featuturing Cat Wells, Ellie Young and Wendy Aroynk join together for this spectacular week-end of entertainment. Expect a little bit of everything including a tributes to Melissa Etheridge and Tina Turner!   ~ JAZZ/BLUES ~The "Sistah's" are back at it! Wendy Aronyk on Flute and Percussion, Ellie Young on Bass and Cat Wells on guitar. Of course all three lovelies will be singing up a storm. AND on Friday night Deborah Gold joins the mix on guitar and vocals! $10 gets you in the door and ALL proceeds go to the musicians. Reservations are highly recommended as they packed the joint last year. (250) 838-6700  Fresh off the Boat! Vocalist Cat Wells knows how to reach into your soul as if relaying your own heartfelt tragedy with her emotion filled, energetic and impromptu brand of Blues. With her earliest idols being Miss Billie Holiday followed by Etta James and Janis Joplin, it’s not surprising to hear hints of Jazz and Funk thrown in there as well. Her poignant use of phasing and creative manipulation of notes whisk you into a smokey bayou where you experience her own interpretive twist on styles.

Lorenzo's Cafe 
901 Mabel Lk. Rd. Enderby
Phone:  250-838-6700