The Alan Jackson Experience at Salmar

Sun, 05/05/2019

The Alan Jackson Experience coming May 5th at The Salmar Classic Theatre

Aaron Halliday is a long time Canadian country artist, Born in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia and living in Kelowna, BC. With his wife Sharyn and their 3 boys Eli, Matthias and Adam. Aaron has cut his teeth on the raw and emotional grit and determination it takes to maintain a career in the performing arts. After decades of performing at venues across Canada, Aaron Halliday and his wife Sharyn have lived about every life situation that is possible and together have come through it with a more positive outlook on Life, Love and the Future. Aaron may be the front man on Stage but, Sharyn is the inspiration behind what he does which shows completely in this New Single and the Title track from Aaron’s EP – This Ain’t Just Another Road. This single was penned by Aaron himself along with his Producer and Guitarist Jay Buettner.
Following a crazy busy year with the release of the first single Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ Tonight co-written by Aaron Goodvin, Shane Minor an Bart Butler which did very well at Canadian Radio and reached a high of #1 for 2 weeks in a row on True North Country’s Indie Row Top 20 Countdown.

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