Geocaching is a worldwide adventure game that gets you off the couch and exploring new places. Start at a computer to choose geocaches to search for then get out of the house on a quest for hidden treasure. It's like a real-life video game where you use stealth to avoid 'muggles' (non-geocachers) as you travel on foot, by bike, car, boat, or horse to get to your goal and score points for each task you accomplish. Many caches have items to trade such as collectible coins, pins or small toys. The game is free; all you need is a GPS and internet access.

Geocaching is an environmentally-friendly, recreational activity. The experience offers physical activity and mental stimulation. Caches are often cleverly hidden near hiking trails and other outdoor attractions and can include puzzles and cryptic clues. The most rewarding part of Geocaching is discovering the treasures of the area by exploring new places. For more information about geocaching visit