Look, Up in the Sky! 

Birding in the Shuswap Makes Imaginations Take Flight

The Shuswap’s shimmering lakes, rich wetlands, and lush forests don’t just appeal to people – our fine-feathered friends love to perch here too.

In fact, our widely varied habitat of rivers, lakes, and wetlands attracts over 300 bird species to the Shuswap – some 63 per cent of all species found in BC. In the spring and fall, the shorelines are a haven for a wide variety of migratory birds. Large numbers of waterfowl and many other birds grace the skies and waterways of the region. Watch Osprey and Blue Herons fishing. Bring your binoculars to look on as Bald Eagles feed their young.

Perhaps one of the most enchanting Shuswap experiences to be had is witnessing the ‘walking on water’ dance of the Western Grebe. The Western Grebe has established only two breeding colonies in BC, and one of them is right here in Salmon Arm Bay Take the family out for a canoe trip to share in the magic up close.

Birding is a wonderful way to learn about our natural surroundings, too. Numerous tree species, wildflowers, and mushroom varieties flourish in the Shuswap’s temperate zone, while large and small animals thrive in its lush habitats. At the Salmon Arm Marine Park by the wharf, visit the award-winning Interpretive Centre operated by the Salmon Arm Bay Nature Enhancement Society, where you can explore boardwalks and trails through vibrant ecosystems.

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