The Shuswap Waterfall Tour

Day Trip Itineraries & Travel Ideas
By Sarah Tokarek

Let us get you there! Explore our favorite waterfalls in the Shuswap with our day trip itineraries and curated self-guided waterfall tour. Waterfalls are a four-season destination, and luckily, here in the Shuswap, we love to explore all year round.

Our custom itineraries will take you through unique Shuswap Communities. These welcoming communities offer a wide variety of local food and drink, boutique shops, places to stay, and recreational activities.

The North Shuswap Waterfall Tour |  Shuswap Lake 

This waterfall tour will guide you to five incredible waterfalls in the North Shuswap. Dive deep into the backcountry with Seymour River Falls, visit the popular Albas Falls, families love Evelyn Falls, and don’t miss the quick and easy roadside stops of Chase Creek Falls and St. Ives Falls.

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Photo 13_St.Ives Falls_Ryan James_Shuswap Adventure Girl

A Four Falls Family Tour | Sicamous & East Shuswap

This itinerary will surely fill your family’s adventure bucket! All four waterfalls can easily be ticked off in a day and are equally as beautiful in the wintertime.

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Photo 15_Crazy Creek _Shuswap Adventure Girl

Relax, Rejuvenate and Refresh | Experience the waterfalls without the hike!

If hiking is not your interest, but waterfalls are, let us help get you there!
This itinerary of easy-to-reach, accessible waterfalls will immerse you in nature while enjoying some of our best waterfalls and water-related trails.

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Photo 17_Margaret Falls _Shuswap Adventure Girl

Winter Waterfalls | Experience the icy wonderland

We love winter in the Shuswap. Waterfalls transform into sculptural works of art and are a truly magical experience!

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Photo 20_Kay Falls_Michelle Donald_Shuswap Adventure Girl

Know Before You Go
Shuswap Tourism strives to ensure Shuswap region visitors have the information and resources they need to make informed decisions while travelling in the Shuswap. 
We have compiled the list below to help ensure the utmost safety and information resources for our visitors and locals alike.

Please explore respectively. Plan ahead and prepare. 

Make a trip plan and tell someone responsible where you’re going and when you expect to be back. Visit Adventure Smart: Get Informed on how to Stay Safe Outdoors

The Shuswap Trail Alliance: Trail Saftey and Etiquette
Wildsafe BC: Keeping wildlife wild and communities safe
Wildsafe BC: WildSafeBC Bear Safety When Recreating
Shuswap Tourism: Know Before You Go
Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society: Trail Users