Top 10 activities on the water

There are hundreds of ways to enjoy the lakes and rivers of the Shuswap.
Here's our current favourite Top 10!

1. Be the captain of your own cruise on a houseboat.

2. Explore marine parks with a boat and tent.

3. Float your boat up to a dock and dine at a lakeside restaurant.

4. Listen to the laughter and screams of kids on a tube ride.

5. Let the kids jump off the dock a thousand times.

6. Take Boat Pose to the next level – try yoga on a stand up paddle board.

7. Rent a boat and spend a day in the sun – doing sweet nothing at all!

8. Have a post-hike picnic on the white sandy beach at Albas Falls.

9. Kayak with the birds at the Salmon Arm Nature Bay.

10. Stop at a roadside pullout to watch a sunset from the beach.