Motor Touring

Motor Touring

Hit The Road

Rev up for a tour of the Shuswap

If you’ve been dreaming of the open road, this is your dream come true.

You know that life has its twists and turns – so why not enjoy them? Get in the driver’s seat and come experience the Shuswap’s winding roads and fantastic pavement – so smooth and clean that you might never want to quit. This is the perfect place for cruising by car or motorcycle and thrilling at endless stretches of mind-blowing scenery, along breathtaking shorelines and among lush hills.

Our sunny summers are ideal for relaxed days on the road, and car buffs will find themselves in good company here – there are car shows and cruise-ins all season long! Paved back roads mean that you don’t need to stress on fast-paced four-lane freeways, and we’ve got plenty of gravel roads too for the real get-away-from-it-all ride. And a great bonus? Your windshield or visor will appreciate our lack of bugs!

If you’re looking for inspiration, steer yourself toward the Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum in Sorrento. Check out beautiful vintage bikes and catch a restoration in action, then park yourself at Sprokkets Café for a great homemade lunch.

While you’re on the road, fuel up with family and friends at the Shuswap’s many cozy cafés and exquisite wineries. You’ll find a local community that loves motor travel as much as you do!

Don’t just spin your wheels! check out our suggested 2 day touring itinerary. Cruise on over to the Shuswap for a vacation like no other.