Nimblefingers Workshop and Festival Lineup Release

Hi, all you awesome bluegrass and old-time music loving peeps!

We'll get straight to the goods we know you've been waiting for. The 2016 Workshops and Festival Lineup are up on our site at  - head over and check 'em out.

We're absolutely thrilled with the way things have come together. It's a world class lineup and it's going to be yet another amazing couple of weeks in Sorrento, BC. 

Registration opens online at 9am PST on Thursday, February 4th. 


MUSIC LEGENDS @ 24th Annual Roots & Blues Festival

Performing the music of Little Feat and much more!

Two legendary figures from a legendary band in the world of roots rock music are headed to the 24th edition of the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival.

2016 Askew’s Foods Word on the Lake Writing Contest is now open

23 January 2016

For Immediate Release 

Delhi 2 Dublin, with a major detour to Salmon Arm ROOTS&BLUES 2016

Delhi 2 Dublin, with a major detour to Salmon Arm ROOTS&BLUES 2016.

If you were wondering whether ROOTS&BLUES was intending on inviting musicians who can collectively whip an audience into an absolute frenzy this summer look no further than one of this continent's most arresting and explosive live acts, Vancouver's Dehli 2 Dublin.

Okanagan Wines from British Columbia, Canada

Okanagan Wines from British Columbia, Canada
 – 19 NOVEMBER, 2015

Rupert Parker visits some of the northernmost wineries in the world and discovers that growers in the Okanagan Valley don’t just have to contend with the climate, they also have problems with wild animals.

See the article here!