Roots & Blues - Six More Performers Announced!

ROOTS&BLUES has already announced 18 wonderful acts  

Time Capsule project at R.J. Haney Heritage Village

Leave a Legacy with the Montebello Time Capsule project!!!

The Montebello Block is named in honour of the historic Montebello Hotel, which was an iconic part of the Salmon Arm landscape from 1908  until it was destroyed by fire in 1967.  The Montebello Block will make the Village feel as if it is as densely populated as the Salmon Arm core was more than a century ago. 

It will house spacious exhibition spaces, 9 historical shop fronts, improved archival facilities; and administration. 

10 Reasons Your Next Hike Needs To Be In The South Thompson Shuswap

If you’re looking for the most scenic, geographically diverse and under-explored hiking trails in Canada, look no further than The South Thompson Shuswap.  With hundreds of sanctioned trails weaving through and around Shuswap, Sun Peaks and Kamloops, this region is one of North America’s hiking jewels.  Planning your next hiking holiday?  Let us tell you why it needs to be to the South Thompson Shuswap

14 Photos That Prove the South Thompson Shuswap Is Canada’s SUP Capital

In the clear, serene and picturesque lakes and rivers of Kamloops, Shuswap and Sun Peaks, the Stand Up Paddling community has found its Canadian Capital. It’s a special feeling to walk on water, and the South Thompson Shuswap delivers that intangible, connected, and peaceful feeling on the highest level.  

Shuswap Eateries - Get in the Loop

"STAFF EDITION: A Few Of Our Favourite Eateries

Need some advice on what to eat? – You’re in the right place.

Speaking from too much experience we’re here to help with that pesky “Too hungry to decide” symptom when looking for a place to eat, or the “I don’t want to try anything new,” “You pick” situations. We’ve sent out our very best, Mitch Carefoot, practically a food wiz connoisseur to get the latest scoop on the best pubs and eateries in the Shuswap to grab a quick bite, hit a patio and listen to music."