Time Capsule project at R.J. Haney Heritage Village

Leave a Legacy with the Montebello Time Capsule project!!!

The Montebello Block is named in honour of the historic Montebello Hotel, which was an iconic part of the Salmon Arm landscape from 1908  until it was destroyed by fire in 1967.  The Montebello Block will make the Village feel as if it is as densely populated as the Salmon Arm core was more than a century ago. 

It will house spacious exhibition spaces, 9 historical shop fronts, improved archival facilities; and administration. 

By participating in the time capsule project you  will be helping us raise the final funds needed to complete this exciting development for the grand opening July 9, 2017.

Call the Village and ask how you can be part of the Montebello Legacy, 250-832-5243