Roots & Blues - Building a strong community .... with your help!

The stories of everyone in the ROOTSANDBLUES community  are remarkable - from musicians to artisans to families ROOTSANDBLUES brings together families (young and old), brings together musicians (seasoned and just breaking out), brings together artists (musicians and artisans), and brings together community (the music community and our physical community). There are not many festivals the are able to bring together such a vast array of different people from different backgrounds and give them all a memorable, enjoyable, experience. 

Jan Donaldson is a great example - as a member of the ROOTSANDBLUES community for the last 15 years, Jan is a musician stage-wear designer and vendor at our Festival. Jan started off quilting on a farm in Quebec almost 40 years ago - the quilting techniques Jan learned back then are still used in Jan's stage wear in the colour balance of music themed shirts to the hand-stitched applique on stage-garb. ROOTSANDBLUES is helping Jan live out a lifelong dream of designing memorable clothing and getting to see fellow artists fall in love with the unique style.

Jan is just one story of the reach that ROOTSANDBLUES truly has. It's more than music - it's about coming together. In 2016, 26,500 people came together at ROOTSANDBLUES impacting individuals like Jan but also the community as a whole. 

A 2014 study completed at Thompson River University determined that ROOTSANDBLUES generated over $4 million of direct new spending in the region by tourists attending the event - that number jumps to almost $5 million when including the local population.

What does all this mean? It means that our ROOTSANDBLUES community is vast! It means we are so thankful for everyone who is a part of our 4-day event and we are thrilled to be entering our 25th year with all of you. You don't want to miss out - miss out on a visit with Jan, on an awesome weekend of music, and on the chance to have a memorable experience with your family.

There is still time to purchase your tickets. Whether you're planning a day trip to Salmon Arm or you're going to stay all week - you will not be disappointed by this year's ROOTSANDBLUES lineup. Visit for more information and to buy your tickets.