Quilt Show - "Pieces of History Re-Stitched"

Sat, 06/24/2017

R.J. Haney Heritage Village & The De-Versity Heritage Quilt Group are partnering for the "Pieces of History Re-Stitched".  For centuries men have gone off to fight wars, and stories of their feast abound.  Little is heard of the women - wives, mothers, daughters, grandmothers who kept the farms and factories running at home and many more who enlisted and carried out vital work in the war zones.  A special section of the heritage quilt show will be dedicated to these women who worked so courageously in "Women and War Story Quilts" & Remembrance With Poppies.  Join us for a Pancake Breakfast, Quilters Lunch and Dinner Specials.  Sign the Commemorative Quilt for a Donation.  There will be special entertainment from Storyteller, Dianne Jansson at 11am, 2pm, & 5pm as well as merchant Malls & Exhibits..  Admission is $6.00 at the gate.  Event will run from 10am - 7pm.  Busses are welcom - Group rates available.