Peter Clark and Elaine Holmes at Lorenzo's Cafe

Sat, 11/25/2017

Elaine Holmes and Peter Clark established their duo Green Room as a creative and professional musical unit in early 2016.

Shortly after, they determined that the next step should be to integrate their original material into the repertoire. To that end, the began session in the fall of 2016 focused on adapting and arranging their individual songs to the duo format.

Ultimately this lead to deeper collaborations on their original repertoire with Peter and Elaine both bringing their strengths to enhance each other’s writing.

The Green Room sound and style is the result of compatible and complimentary elements. Peter’s tend to be more lyric driven and structural; Elaine’s are more emotional and sensual. Peter brings arrangement ideas, Elaine improves the lyrics.

As well, maintaining an openness to each other’s ideas has brought about several unexpected creative breakthroughs.

But overall, the primary principles are to have something to say, say it in an interesting and unique fashion, and build musical structures that frame these ideas well.

Another aspect of Green Room sound is Elaine’s inventive use of vocal looping, which allows her to create rich vocal harmonies and textures “on the fly” live.

In the spring of 2017 Elaine and Peter decided to record their original material and make it available to the public. The result is their very soon to be released first album “Opportunity Knocked”.

The songs cover the gamut from pure fun to longing, the joys and trials of existence and cosmic insights. Latin, Groove and World influences are in evidence, and though eclectic, the songs all sound like Green Room.
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