Kris And The Blues Machines at Lorenzo's Cafe

Sat, 03/25/2017

Kris And The Blues Machines is a potent mix of deep gritty blues Inspired original songs  with New Orleans  big beat sounds, a bit of vintage Rock steady, and some wild Dubbed up FX. Kris is tweeking sounds and drum loops on what he calls the Blues Machines, a magic Steampunk suitcase full of samplers and special FX to make ya dance. He'll be squeezing the soul from his oldest dirtiest big little bluesy parlour guitar and singing his heart out about things like: strange old roadside shacks, catfish dancing, beautiful women, alligator skin shoes, and more beautiful women. Come see the crazy front man of the festival touring band Blackberry Wood, weave old blues voodoo spells on ya all with his new solo project "Kris And The Blues Machines"
$10 cover

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