Burns the Dragon & Caravan

Thu, 07/13/2017

 ~ FREAK SHOW PREFORMER & SNAKE HANDLER ~  When strange and curious meet and make their odd bedfellows on stage, you have the Caravan Of Creeps. Hailing from Vancouver, B.C. this circus-sideshow collective invites you to the extraordinary and bizarre spectacles that they specialize in. Combining classic sideshow with a contemporary twist, aerial arts, juggling, escape acts, striptease and more, this velvet showcase is a decadent throwback to thrilling stunts and surprising sensations. With members of the Sweet Soul Burlesque collective to Helilazapoppin' alumni. As seen in VICE, Penthouse DE, Playboy, and Fangoria magazines.
I have always loved to entertain and perform, Starting as "The Silver man statue" getting my first busking license in 2008 for the Winter Olympics then getting a yearly license at Granville Island continuing right up to 2012, when I decided to put it on the back burner to peruse a career as a Shock Artist! At the moment I manage a production crew called Burn One Down Productions, I perform on stage as "Burns the dragon." Most Recently I am a trained Rigger and Performer for The RISE Suspension Crew.
 Juggling, Glass Walking, Human Block Head, Human Stapling, Rola Bola "Board of Nails", Fire Breathing, Fire Contact Juggling and more!
From behind the canvas flaps of circuses of old and from the stages of the most demented cabaret comes The Caravan Of Creeps!
The Caravan Of Creeps roadshow is born of a collective of Vancouver-based performers spanning sideshow, circus, cabaret, and burlesque, slithering out of the shadows, where fear meets fascination, shock meets awe and the strange and seductive intertwine.
$15 cover

Lorenzo's Cafe 
901 Mabel Lk. Rd. Enderby,
BC  V0E 1V5
Phone:  250-838-6700