Blackberry Wood at Lorenzo's Cafe

Sat, 07/14/2018

From the playing the biggest festivals in the world to hangin' in your back yard Blackberry Wood whisks you away to a wild crazy barn dance in the back of the carnival, with carnies and magical circus folk!!! A reputation for high-energy and unbelievably exciting dance floor shakin' shows  follows Blackberry Wood every stage they're on. When you spot them they'll be coming down the road looking like a travelling minstrel show, all dressed up to make ya smile inside!!!
Stuart Derdeyn, Vancouver Province

"High-powered acoustic dance music aptly describes the bohemian beat. It's a sound that works in clubs, parties, big festivals -- you name it."

Kevin Potvin, Republic of East Vancouver
"Gave me the impression of a big modern inner-city version of the traditional hoedown in the neighbours barn kind of night. I felt something like what I imagine farmers felt when they hung up their overalls for the week and hustled down to the crossroads for a little long-awaited good ol' jumping around to shake out all the kinks of field work"

Jeanie Keogh, BC Musician Magazine
"Fit to compete with the cast of Moulin Rouge with their zany costumes, Blackberry Wood seems ready to strike up a burlesque hoedown just about anywhere you plunk them down"

Clayton Brander, Director, Sunshine Music Festival
“Blackberry Wood’s energy was as amazing as it was infectious. Their wild costumes, fantastic music, and incredible stage presence got everyone in the audience up and dancing through their set – start to finish. Based on their reputation I expected a lot, and they definitely lived up to it.  I couldn’t be more pleased with having booked them.”

Shara Gustafson, Director, Robson Valley Music Festival
" Blackberry Wood' s frantic energy & love of the stage spread a contagious frenzy throughout our Saturday night festival audience! "

Eric Epstein, Artistic Director, Frostbite Music Festival
"When I first chanced upon Blackberry Wood playing at Café Deux Soleils in Vancouver, I felt like I had stumbled onto the Yukon party spirit, kicking it old-time on the west coast. I wanted to bring them to Frostbite at once, and I grabbed my first opportunity to do just that. They exceeded my expectations by existing as their own festival: a traveling band of gypsy-party musicians who bring the spirit of hokum to life with original tunes as well as with some brilliantly chosen, stunningly unexpected covers. Each show is unique. I adore them."
$15 cover